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Be Bold! But first, Get Prepped.

Ideal surface

If you’re just starting out, we reckon it’s better to be safe than sorry. Practice on carpet or a rug. If the carpet is quite thick, the roller will move more slowly (and the more satisfaction you’ll feel as you watch your skills unfold). Want to take things up a notch? Try a harder surface – but be sensible. Anyway, using a thin mat if you’re outside will protect the board and roller from scratches and scuffs. (Note: grass acts as a great cushion if you happen to take a tumble*.)


Make sure you have enough space (rule of thumb: enough room to swing a cat in), so that you can’t bump into anything when getting off the board. We want to keep you – and your things – safe.

Shoes, socks or neither?

The board is designed for use with or without footwear. We recommend bare feet, but if you insist, use low profile shoes. The natural cork finish feels comfortable and grippy underfoot, so you’ll stay grounded no matter what.

Okay, let’s do this – in 5 easy steps

Before you get going, insert/check your stoppers underneath the board. Adjust them to adapt to your skill level.

For first-timers, we suggest positioning them closest to the centre of the board (position 1). Any other positions, or completely removing the stoppers majorly increases the degree of difficulty. Discover the various levels on the bottom of the packaging, or on this page.

Place the roller on the ground. The board goes on top of the roller between the two stoppers. Lower one side of the board down.

The side you put on the ground should be the side of your preferred foot. This gives you the best stability, if you are stepping on the board for the first time.

Put one foot on the board – on the side that is already down.

Right foot on, if the right side of the board is on the ground (use your left foot if the left side of the board is down). If you placed the board correctly the board should stay motionless in a triangular position between a) roller and stopper b) surface and c) spot where your foot meets the ground on the board.

With your weight on the lowered foot, slowly bring your other foot to touch the other end of the board.

Keep your knees bent and make sure your feet are slightly more than shoulder-width apart. The board should still be at an angle and your first foot still on the ground.

Gradually transfer your weight towards the elevated foot. The roller will shift and lift the opposite end of the board off the ground. Do this over and over, in tiny increments. Don’t shift all your weight to the other side to begin with! Bit by bit, shift more of your weight over to the other side.

You’ll notice there is a moment where you are not trying, or straining and … that’s the sweet spot! After you get the hang of it you’ll be able to balance on the roller for as long as you want.

Now #bebold, find #thesweetspot, get balanced and stay there – or at least have fun trying.

User beware! Only you know whether you can take on the bold38 balance board challenge! If you use it properly and within your abilities, you’ll avoid doing yourself damage. Use of this product can lead to serious injury. Use at your own risk.