It takes courage to balance your life! Be Bold.

Get off! And back on again. Get yourself on our balance board.

Every time you get on our balance board you’re doing agility training for your mind and body. After a while you’ll be riding the sweet spot. (And yes, it feels so satisfying!). Feel good and get balanced.

Starters guide

How to get started
with bold38


Doing our bit

Our bold38 Balance board is more than a piece of gear. It’s made of natural, premium materials like Baltic birch, cork and a super sustainable bio-based compound. Every time someone purchases our balance board, a tree even gets planted.

Adjustable stoppers

When designing our balance board we knew you’d progress in skill. We designed unique stoppers that can be put in different positions, you for sure want more challenges as you go along.

Like life – push your limits, mix things up.

Enjoy finding balance in your life

The balance board is an elegant way to help train your mind and body, and develop new skills for life.

Now go on #bebold, find #thesweetspot, get balanced and stay there – or at least have fun trying.